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Great Airports for Great Cities

Our vision for UK aviation is a network of long-haul national airports, each supporting the comparative economic advantage of that region to boost trade, foreign direct investment and tourism. Our development strategy will plug the greater Midlands economy into global wealth and enable businesses to reach the markets they need to deliver jobs and growth for future generations.

The government is currently working out the UK's aviation strategy because Britain's aviation arrangements are failing to meet the needs of passengers and the economy. The future shape of the industry is unclear, but what is certain is that we must plan for a doubling in air traffic over the next fifty years.

In Birmingham Airport's 75th anniversary we have major developments underway to support growth and connectivity. Our new runway extension is helping to generate 8,000 jobs in the region and will support more direct long-haul flights to emerging economies, including Brazil and China, as well as tourist hotspots on the West Coast of the USA.

By 2020, we are forecast to handle 15 million passengers a year, an increase of six million from today, and we will shortly play host to the first flights from China to an airport outside of London. With Birmingham Airport to be HS2 integrated, we are promoting the role that the UK's great and connected cities can play in rebalancing the economy.

Birmingham Airport is calling for the government to do more to relieve pressure on the South East and make better use of existing capacity, supporting growing demand in the Midlands and beyond for greater global connectivity. Click here for more.

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David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron visiting Birmingham Airport in April 2014